If you feel you are looking older than your age and that comes in real, it means that you are low in the essential factor that plays a vital role in making you look and feel youthful, human growth hormone or HGH. Women are more prone to affect rapid aging due to HGH deficiency because as compared to men, women need more growth hormone.

Human growth hormone or growth hormone is the key factor behind your appearance and activities. This is essential for healthy skin, a good bone density, regeneration and repair of cells and muscle mass. Research shows that growth hormone has significant effect on your feelings and well being. The human growth hormone plays a pivotal part in maintaining long life period among human beings.

HGH Deficiency Signs

If you are low in growth hormone, you may notice the below signs.

  • Thinning and wrinkling of skin
  • Low bone density
  • Menopause in women and andropause in men
  • Loss of muscle tone in limbs
  • Excessive gain in abdominal fat
  • Difficulty in gaining or maintaining muscle mass
  • Obesity
  • Lack of deep sleep even in total darkness
  • Osteoporosis
  • Quick ageing

    HGH Deficiency

    HGH Deficiency

If your answer is yes for any five of the above symptoms, you need to boost your growth hormone levels by taking steps to enhance your strength and beauty and precautions to prevent upcoming hazards due to low growth hormone levels. The below five steps will help you for sure.

Increase HGH Naturally

You do not always need to depend on supplements to boost the production of growth hormones. Aging caused HGH deficiency can be countered with natural remedies. Here the best ways to increase growth hormone level naturally.

Belly fat matters

Excessive fat around the abdomen is not only a factor for diabetes but a sign of low

Belly Fat

Belly Fat

growth hormone. Study on post-menopausal women after HGH treatment showed remarkable level of insulin sensitivity, reduced bad cholesterol and belly fat.  Belly fat or lipoprotein concentrations can be reduced by growth hormone dosage.

You need to make a change in your diet to reduce the fat content to minimal and maximize proteins and fibers. To enhance your growth hormone naturally, you can also take homeopathic HGH drops or sprays of secretropin. By taking potions of glutamine, arginine or tyrosine can be tried before or after workout to enhance growth hormone levels. You can take amino acids which are helpful to build protein blocks can be consumed before going to bed for growth in HGH levels.

Deep sleep

Sleeping in darkness helps the release of melatonin and cools down your body. Reduction in body temperature in turn helps the release of HGH. This is helpful for regeneration of strength. Though the growth hormone will have a very short life period after releasing into blood stream, it makes it way very swiftly into the liver and other body cells.

To enhance your growth hormone levels, always try to sleep before 10 pm and not later than 11 pm. You can improve your growth hormone levels by sleeping in total darkness. Some of the suggestible remedies for sleep disorders are magnesium glycinate for bowel tolerance, melatonin or relora for good sleep and these are useful for rehabilitation and weaning out from sleeping pills.

Cardio exercises

Work outs related to boost cardio intensity are helpful to enhance growth hormone levels. You can choose right kind of work outs and work for at least two or three times a week. This kind of work outs are proved to be fruitful in enhancing growth hormone levels at a remarkable range. Aerobic exercises are proved to enhance growth hormone levels over a period of 24 hours.

Another choice for raising your growth hormone levels is interval cardio training. This is helpful to enhance growth hormone as well as testosterone level. These work outs are helpful for a healthy weight loss. The plan for walking, running, jogging or cycling at intervals are as follows

  • Warm yourself up with work out of your own choice at a gentle or medium speed for 5 minutes
  • Work out fast for 1minute and work out at moderate pace for 1 minute, you can repeat this work out for 5 to 8 times
  • Work out at a gentle pace for 5 minutes to cool down

Work out on cardio exercises after strength training. Otherwise allot separate time for cardio exercises.

Weight lifting for women

Studies show that there is a significant growth in growth hormone levels among women after strength training. Moderate or medium work outs with different weights among women showed different levels of growth in growth hormone. Lifting heavier weights are proved to be helpful in higher release levels of human growth hormone. Follow the strict timing for this work outs for a good result.

Laughter the best treatment

Laughter acts as the best treatment for many stern ailments. A little chuckle allows you to relax and act as the ultimate stress buster. Laughter helps to protect your health and raise the HGH levels. A study in the year 2006 revealed that some people who were asked to watch funny movies and when the release of beta endorphins marked up to the growth of 27 percent and HGH release has grown above 87 percent.

Making time for laughter and fun makes you feel better and healthier.