HGH Before and After for Women-HGH Results & Real Time Experiences That Changed Women’s Lives

Today women find themselves balancing home, family and career at the same time. With this, there are a lot of demands that she has to fulfill. This can bring a toll on their health if they do not take due care of their body and wellbeing. In the menopause phase, women become at highest risk of experiencing hormone deficiency. Thus, HGH treatment can help these women to avoid the signs and symptoms that affect their health.

HGH supplements are available in plenty these days that promise to offer amazing health benefits. But there are a lot of inhibitions in women’s minds as to why use HGH, which are the best HGH pills to use, how long does it take to show results, is HGH safe for them and others.

In this post we will be discussing all that women need to know about HGH and share experiences of women who have used or are using HGH for better and healthier body. We will also be showing you the user’s before and after results to confirm the benefits that these women have faced.

So, how long does it take to see results of HGH Before and After

It is basically dependent on one individual to another. While some women start noticing results just after the first two weeks, others may be hopelessly waiting for the time when they can see actual HGH results. It is recommended to be patient as it will take some time for your body to adapt to increase in HGH and thus show desired results. Remember that it took a lot of years for your body to actually age and so you cannot expect to restore your health just in a blink of an eye. Even the results are dependent on the dosage you take. But at the same time it is worth remembering that you should not exceed the limit of prescribed dosage just to speed up the results. Be patient and you will definitely enjoy the benefits in the long run.

Month by month Progress with HGH

Month 1

As you start using HGH, the hormone stimulates changes in the body. In the time period of first several weeks, there are visible results like increased energy. Better concentration is also observed during this time. Talking about physique, HGH results include better strength and stamina, more ability to do exercise etc. A lot of people also face better mood and mood swings fading away with time.

Month 2

HGH results after two months are visible to certain extent. Real results with HGH start showing up some time after the second month like better muscle tone and skin. This is possible as the growth hormone starts regenerating the cells at a faster rate. Because of cell regeneration, the muscles in eyes get strengthened and you can see improvements in night vision and overall eyesight. Also, as the metabolism starts to speed up, you may see fat loss as well.

Month 3

HGH results after three months include improvement in your hair. Even your bones will start getting less porous and stronger. You will also notice less pain in the joints and better flexibility of body. More than this, month three is also the one where females feel changes in their overall wellbeing. They face fewer symptoms of bad PMS which most aging women face. The negative effects of menopause also reduce by this time.

Month 4

The effects of HGH become more evident now with regular use of HGH. These results include better energy, mood, skin, hair and stamina and all these continue to just improve with time. As the metabolism goes back to its youthful speed and phase, you can see gradual loss of fat and increase in muscle size and that too if HGH treatment is combined with exercise and balanced diet.

Month 5

Month 5 is the one when you can have your HGH before and after results. By this time, you will see visible, noticeable improvements in your hair condition. Your hair will get thicker and shinier. Besides that, another symptom that comes with aging i.e. of skin discoloration also starts lessening. In all, HGH results after this month are fairly noticeable and the looks will be improved to a great extent.

Month 6

As the 6th month of HGH treatment ends, you can enjoy great effects. Your health condition will be improved a lot including faster and enhanced metabolism, better sleep pattern, youthful skin, increased stamina, energy and strength and healthier immune and cardiovascular system.


Why women need HGH?

A lot of people ask the question as to why women need HGH. There are indeed a lot of reasons behind this, which is why HGH has grown to be so much popular among women. Here we bring to your notice the main reasons behind this query:

  • A woman should provide for herself the much required HGH in order to preserve stability of her physical being
  • Each of 191 amino acids plays a vital role in the body and makes it look healthier, fitter and younger
  • HGH helps to regulate growth of woman’s body, offering it strength, toning and less flabby muscles
  • It reduces the overall amount of fat accumulation in the abdomen, knees and hips and makes the stomach look flatter
  • HGH relieves the mental instability which is very crucial to the women who feel anxious all the time
  • HGH further strengthens the woman’s body including strengthening of the back, jaw, chin and nose
  • HGH normalizes or balances sleep schedule and permits the body to function great even with less sleep or rest
  • As it helps to burn off fat, the women can easily withstand heavy workload all through the day.

HGH for women before and after results

Have you ever thought of what is life like before and after taking HGH? HGH results can change your appearance as well as overall life for the better like making your sleep patterns better, enhanced mood, better skin and hair etc. have a look below to know what HGH results you can experience before and after starting the HGH therapy.

Physical shape

Before- high amount of fat to muscle ratio, weak muscle tone, extra weight

After- muscular and leaner body, loss of fat, good body contours


Before- dry hair and graying of hair, wrinkles, skin discoloration

After- healthier hair, glossier, thicker hair, smoother, elastic skin, improved skin tone

Physical abilities

Before- low strength, energy and stamina, poor eyesight

After- increased energy, endurance, better results in sports, better vision

Overall wellbeing

Before- disturbed sleep, depressed mood, less concentration, low energy

After- healthy and deep sleep, elevated mood, better productivity and mental ability, enhanced vitality

Real time HGH before and after results from women users

Here we have compiled testimonials, stories and experiences from real time users of HGH treatments. Know what changes they experienced before and after taking HGH. This will help you to make an informed decision about whether you should opt for HGH for better health or not.

Anna Kent Weight Loss Transformation with HGH

Anna Kent Weight Loss Transformation with HGH Pills

Name of User – Anna Kent (41 Yrs)

Problems – Weight Related issues, Pain

Supplement UsedGenF20 Plus

Official WebsiteGenF20Plus.com

Duration – 7 Months

Results – Weight loss 27 Lbs, Better Fitness & More Energy

Feedback:- I have been on a doctor prescribed HGH product GenF20 Plus for 7 months now and the best thing that you notice is lean body mass. Now I can cheat on my diet as well and maintain abs whereas before starting the HGH therapy, my weight went high as soon as I stopped taking healthy diet. Talking about bone growth, my doctor told me that bone growth takes place only at very high amounts of dosage. And if you keep it reasonable, the effects will be small and steady and that too without any side effects. So I try to keep it within the prescribed dosage. 

End of Feedback 1

Back pain relief HGH Supplement

Name of User – Candelaria

Problems – Back Pain & Muscles Pain

Supplement UsedGenF20 Plus

Official WebsiteGenF20Plus.com

Duration – 2 Months & Counting

Results – Relief from back & body pain, much more energetic life

Feedback:- “On a Saturday morning, before I used HGH, I would wake up from the bed nagging about some or the other pain or aches. My muscles used to hurt a lot as I stretched my body. Even my bones pulsed with some pain and the joints were creaking as well. It was like a feeling that I was not able to take care of my health and I was getting depressed due to this. The back pain was miserable and 6 years ago I even underwent a spinal fusion to make my life a bit painless. Then a doctor prescribed me HGH and I confirmed its benefits from a few reviews online. The changes started taking place and I started feeling good about myself. After a few months say about 10 months or so, I started waking up from bed in a different manner altogether. Where some months earlier I woke up with pain, now I found that it was more comfortable for me as the pain was very minor. After few more months of regular use, the pain was almost gone.

For years when I was in pain, I even suffered from anxiety, depression and due to this my physical abilities were too limited. But HGH literally gave me another life where I can now live without any pain. HGH not just relieved the pain and aches, it even rehabilitated my body where now I can straighten my spine with ease. HGH also reduced the need for taking other medications that I started due to aging. HGH has indeed benefitted me to an extent that I just use the medication which is required to preserve my health for the future. I am sure HGH can help anyone if it has helped me from the severe pain and aches my body experienced. Now I even enjoy playing some golf with my husband as I don’t feel pain any longer.”

End of Feedback 2
HGH Before and After

HGH Before And After Picture

Name of User – Kristina Maxfield (56)

Problems – Aging, lack of Energy, lack of Sexual Desires

Supplement UsedGenF20 Plus
Official WebsiteGenF20Plus.com

Duration – 6 Months & Counting

Results – A lot better skin & much more active personality & energy.

Feedback:- “I am 56 and HGH made my life changed completely. Before I started using HGH, I was suffering from serious back pain as I encountered a back injury due to a car accident when I was in my 30s. As the pain got worse day by day, my overall morale went done as I had difficulty carrying our daily work schedules with much pain and efforts. There was a time when I was barely able to bend down and clean my house. But after 8 months of continuous use of HGH therapy, I can clean my house without facing much physical pain. Apart from relieving the pain I felt, there was improvement in my life as well. I even stopped the habit of drinking and smoking. The feelings of good health and happiness caused due to HGH gave me the much needed strength to say goodbye to my drinking and smoking habit.”

End of Feedback 3
HGH Results

HGH Results – before & After Picture

Name of User – Margie C. Brown (29 Yrs)

Problems – Heavy Body Weight, Fitness & Energy issues

Supplement UsedSytropin 

Official WebsiteSytropin.com

Duration – 4 ½ Months

Results – Lost 12 Pounds & Counting, much more energetic than before

Feedback:- “I started taking HGH treatment in the year 2011 as I was suffering from HGH deficiency signs and symptoms like joint pain, sagging skin and fatigue. Apart from all this, I was also getting fat and adding on pounds. After 4 ½ months of regular HGH use, I started experiencing considerable increase in my energy level. I started regaining my energy and got motivation to make my health better and stronger. After I began the therapy, I felt like my life has changed and I was a completely changed woman as I became healthier, active and social with people around. Also, HGH helped me to correct my sleep pattern. Earlier I used to toss and turn around all night long, now I slept for proper 8 hours, feeling fresh and active in the morning.

After 6 months more use of HGH, I also started losing weight. Ideally I should have lost 30 pounds, but frankly speaking, I have just lost 12 pounds as of now. I am still losing the weight and building on muscle tone. It’s been a lot of time that I have been using HGH and hope that it will help me further in my weight loss journey. I have even started getting compliments from friends and colleagues about my weight loss, fitter body and youthful appearance.”

End of Feedback 4


HGH Before and After Pictures of Linda

HGH Before and After Pictures of Linda

Name of User – Linda (65 Yrs)

Problems – Aging

Supplement UsedGenF20 Plus

Official WebsiteGenF20Plus.com

Duration – 6 Months & Counting

Results – A lot better skin & much more active personality & energy.

Feedback:- “Hey, I am Linda and I am 65 years old. I was facing the problem of too much fatigue and low energy. My low levels of energy made me feel as if there was nothing left for me to live in this world. My days and schedules were boring with just waking up in the morning, spending time getting lethargic and going to bed. It was high time that I did something for myself and this is when I saw the reviews and ads about HGH products in the market. I immediately made up my mind and decided that I will take a chance and try what HGH could offer me. Say after 15 days of using HGH, I saw that my energy level started increasing and I felt as if I have taken control of my life all over again. I even tell my friends that I am a new woman altogether now with no fatigue or pain problems. My mom is old and I even asked her to start using the best HGH product out there. I can definitely and confidently tell her and other women around how good I feel after using HGH.”

End of Feedback 1
HGH for Women Before and after pics

Chloe Dickson Pics Before and After using HGH

Name of User – Chloe Dickson (32 Yrs)

Requirements – Fitness, Muscle Mass, Weight Loss

Supplement UsedHyperGH 14X

Official WebsiteHyperGH14X.com

Duration – 6 Months & Counting

Results – Lost more than 50 pounds & fit body

Feedback:- “I am in my 30s and I got separated from my husband recently. Before I took resort to HGH treatment, I was tackling excessive weight, was depressed and had no energy at all. My doctor advised me to have HGH. There was a time as well when I couldn’t start or end my day without taking anti depressants. After a few months of HGH treatment, my doctor finally gave me the permission to suspend the anti depressants that I was on and slowly the feeling of depression started saying goodbye. I cannot tell you how good I feel now. Even HGH has helped me in my weight loss regimen and the loss has been amazing. I have lost about 50 pounds and I can proudly say that I am not an obese anymore. Apart from all these things I feel now, I also see that my energy level is outstanding. I go to work with smile on my face and return home without any exhaustion, taking good care of my boy even after a hectic schedule at work. HGH was truly a life saver for me. My hair and skin have also improved to a great level. Kudos to those who discovered HGH and made such wonderful products!”