Are you trying to choose between HGH and testosterone? It might seem to be a little problematic initially but remember that a few considerations will help you to choose the best option. Testosterone is more directed towards sexual potency and drive and is mostly for men. HGH therapy on the other hand can be used by both genders and helps in overall health management.

Often, the supplements are linked with men and bodybuilding. What we often forget is that a woman’s body is also made up of same chemicals and hormones like the man’s body and use of natural supplements can benefit the womenfolk too. So, here we will be discussing about the two most useful hormones i.e. HGH or human growth hormone and testosterone.

HGH and testosterone levels peak at the same time which is in your early twenties. After this, the levels of these hormones start to decline. And when you face health issues, you may need therapies to have that perfect health again.

For men, both these hormones have different functions as compared to women. Though such hormones are naturally present in both genders, but the quality varies a lot and this is what makes all the difference. As for the women, let’s find out which is more useful- testosterone or HGH.

HGH is surely a safer alternative when it comes to women folk. With a natural and proper HGH therapy, the women can experience a natural increase in the level of testosterone too. This is useful as women using safe HGH supplements get to increase the testosterone naturally without facing any side effects. So, if you struggle with aging, depletion of bone mass, improper muscle toning, then HGH therapy can be the best solution for you.

HGH & Testosterone Decline with Age

HGH & Testosterone Decline with Age

Why testosterone?

 A lot of people take testosterone boosters to slow down their aging process. But you need to remember the fact that as the body produces testosterone naturally, the use of synthetic testosterone will not result in much help. But these treatments can surely begin your journey towards improved sex life and eliminating the problems like impotency etc.

Well, testosterone is the hormone that is mainly produced in testicles of men and ovaries as well as adrenal glands of women. The testosterone hormone is important for the development of male characteristics. As for the women, testosterone comes in smaller amounts. Testosterone production increases 30 times more during the early adulthood and adolescence. But after early adulthood, it is normal for the levels to go down every year. Your body may also see 1% decline after you are 30.

In other words, testosterone plays an important role in your sex drive, thinking ability, verbal memory, mood, pubic and facial hair and muscle mass and bones.

Benefit of Optimal Testosterone

Benefit of Optimal Testosterone

Thinking to go with testosterone replacement therapy? Read on below before you take a step

Treatment is not possible if your levels go way beyond the normal range. Testosterone therapy is beneficial for men who have low testosterone levels. Also, you should not buy testosterone without a prescription. See the doctor if you think you may have low levels of testosterone. A simple blood test will determine your testosterone level and will help to diagnose the condition.

Indeed, researchers and doctors have different opinions regarding the effectiveness of the testosterone therapy. Regular exercise and healthy diet are very much necessary for optimum health and to ensure maximum effectiveness of the testosterone therapy. Also, monitoring and follow up care is recommended after you undergo the testosterone replacement therapy.

HGH – Is it the safer alternative? Check out

Using HGH, you can be set to enjoy improvements in muscle tissue, hair quality, skin tone, libido and nails. So if you are looking forward to have a healthy body, HGH can be the best option for you.

Benefits of HGH:

  • People who are treated with HGH therapy experience instant reduction in fat and their organism reacts by increasing muscle mass
  • The immune system sees a considerable improvement
  • Wounds heal faster
  • Skin tightens and the wrinkles start disappearing
  • Libido level is heightened and you are able to perform sex, which is generally lost after 40 due to low testosterone level in men
  • Hair not just starts to grow, but they become thick and healthy as well
  • The cardiac output almost doubles and because of this, livelihood and vitality is reinstated


HGH vs. Testosterone


If we again talk about testosterone, then the fact is that the testosterone boosters are popular for their effects on bone power and muscle mass gains. HGH on the other hand is popular for being the best and safest treatment available for better lean muscle, sculpted body and fat reduction. It is further good to notice that both testosterone and HGH is effective for experiencing fat loss results. A lot of people are aware of the benefits of HGH on the body fat but they have no idea as to how testosterone is also important. For your knowledge, testosterone has a great influence on overall muscle building that in turn increases the metabolic process from the increased muscles. Also, testosterone provides more mechanism for weight loss and for switching the calories to accumulating of mass.


What more, it has been seen that testosterone boosters are better than many other natural supplements. But the reality is that HGH supplements that are proven, tested and admired by the customers are really beneficial for one’s health when we take the overall wellbeing into account unlike the testosterone boosters that just provide benefits for the sexual lifestyle.

Also, HGH boosters are very popular, safe and natural and surely have better status in the market and among customers than testosterone supplements as the former also provide anti aging, weight loss and bodybuilding benefits.

 So, what can you expect from HGH supplements?

  • Clinical studies and consumer testimonials have shown positive results and feedback for HGH supplements like GenF20 Plus, HyperGH 14X, GenFX and HGH-X2.
  • With these supplements, you can enjoy increased sex drive along with considerable improvement in your sexual performance
  • Better sleep pattern, leading to more restful sleep at night
  • Increased energy, stamina and strength levels and less issues with lethargy and fatigue
  • No more mood swings, depression or wrinkles
  • Better muscle tone and improvement in appearance of skin and hair
  • Enhanced and improved immune system, better muscle mass and easier time managing your weight
  • Reduction in muscle and joint pains
  • Anti aging results like reduced fine lines, age spots etc
  • Improvement in vision, hearing and memory
  • Improvement in pulmonary/cardio system

And a lot more

HGH results– month wise results

 While HGH injection therapy can provide fast and effective results, HGH supplements that are natural provide a safer and better alternative to the injections that are somewhat costly than the supplements as well. While a lot of users start seeing results within first few weeks of regular usage of these supplements, but it may even take about 6 months for some people to experience the benefits. While the results may vary according to health, age and body composition of the user, the typical natural HGH supplement user can expect the results like:

1st month-

During the very first month, one should feel an increase in energy and stamina. You will even sleep better than before and will be able to take part in normal day to day activities with a positive outlook.

2nd month-

In the second month, regenerative effects of improved HGH level will start to be seen. Your hair, skin, nails will improve and you will even enjoy a better muscle tone. Losing weight will get easier from now on and you will see a considerable improvement in your sexual drive and performance.

3-5 months-

In these months you will see significant improvement in the same areas. For all those who are trying to improve their strength, the subsequent increase in lean muscle mass will also be noticeable. Even your libido will return to where it was when you were in your teens. You will further see noticeable improvement in memory and vision.

6 months-

By the end of six months, you will be able to make a great stride towards achieving your desired weight, you will enjoy improved muscle tone and even your energy will be at the peak. You will further start seeing less obvious improvements in areas like cardio-pulmonary and immune systems.


So, this is by far what we have found about HGH and testosterone. We hope by now you must be clear in your understanding of these two hormones. Also, you may now be able to choose which treatment is better for your health and why. Go ahead and choose only the natural and safe treatment/supplements for your health.