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HGH or human growth hormone has gained much attention and admiration in the last 10 years. If you have heard of it, you must have also heard of how useful it is for men as well as women when it comes to improving their overall health. The benefits offered by HGH for women are endless, from losing weight and burning fat to reversing the signs of aging and enhancing sexual health.

Before we plunge into talking about the benefits it offers, you need to know what it actually is and how HGH supplements work. HGH is even known to improve the overall health of users and is readily available in different forms like you can have HGH for sale in the form of supplements, oral sprays, pills, and injections.

What is HGH?

Coming to the basics, HGH or human growth hormone is the small protein which is naturally produced by the pituitary gland. The protein then gets into your bloodstream where the actual magic starts. HGH is produced and controlled by certain hormones in the brain, pancreas and intestinal tract. The hormones work together in order to boost the muscle development. Also, the pituitary gland provides huge amounts of HGH after sleep, exercise or even after some traumatic event. Due to this, HGH is produced in a large amount at night than in the day. As per scientific research, HGH is naturally produced and is at its highest level during childhood and adolescence. And after the age of 30, the brain’s pituitary gland does not secrete much HGH and this is the main reason behind low energy level, signs of aging and illnesses like hypertension, heart stroke or attack.

Some studies also show that low levels of HGH may cause problems like Alzheimer’s disease. So in case, you think that it is just a coincidence that you can see changes in your face shape, wrinkles or gray hair, it’s not the case.

How HGH Works

How HGH Works


Though HGH has been here since the 1920s, it was not used till 1958. An endocrinologist named Maurice Raben at New England Medical Center, Boston injected HGH into a child for the very first time who was suffering from hormone development deficiency. After the whole treatment was done, the patient started to grow. This was then followed by other scientists and physicians using HGH, injecting GH for treating growth hormone deficiency, making HGH treatment a reality.

Decades later as well, HGH gained the attention of a lot of researchers and scientists interested in knowing more about its overall effects. With advancement in medicine world today, a lot of people believe that GH is the ultimate key to lose weight, improve health, extend lifespan and reverse the signs of aging. Indeed a lot of them have also given the nickname to HGH as a hormone of our youth. But irrespective of all the positive things that we hear and see about HGH, we cannot deny the fact that there have been a lot of controversies as well regarding the ways in which HGH is used.

HGH History

HGH History

For instance, research and studies have depicted that HGH injections can have ill effects on the user and they do no good whatsoever. But at the same time, oral sprays, pills, and supplements have proved to be a great relief for all those who face HGH deficiency effects and problems.

Let’s take a look at HGH benefits and how they are useful for our health.

HGH Benefits in detail

Lower blood pressure

Exercise offers various benefits to the whole body and one of them is lower blood pressure. Indeed clinical studies have depicted that increasing levels of HGH in the body restores vascular system function and the arteries that can help to enhance and improve the blood pressure level. So if you really want to boost your HGH level naturally, it is best to do regular exercise. A lot of fitness experts also say that high-intensity exercises for some period of time like before or after the meals, before bed or first thing in the morning is good to maximize the power that you get from inclining HGH level. If you feel that the high-intensity exercises are not for you, keep in mind that any exercise is an exercise in itself and is the best way available to boost your HGH level naturally.

Improved cardiac function

Just like lowering down the blood pressure level, boosting HGH level also means improved cardiac output. This simply means that HGH has proven to restore the artery functions and the functions within the internal vascular system, even the spleen, kidneys, liver etc which tend to actually deteriorate or get weak with advancing age or due to lack of any physical exercise or activity. Also, clinical studies have proved that the way of boosting HGH is correlated to the level of blood pressure you have.

Erectile dysfunction

It has been seen in various studies that HGH is actually responsible for sexual maturation and reproductive function of men while HGH deficiency is linked with loss of hard and longer erection and sexual desire. In a study, 35 healthy men and 45 men with erectile dysfunction were given visual and tactile stimuli to elicit penis tumescence. The increase in HGH was greater than about 90 percent found during penile tumescence followed by transient reduction afterward. The German study suggested that the penile erection can be induced by HGH through stimulating function on the human corpus cavernosum muscle thus making it a natural remedy for the problem of impotence.

Better healing capacity

If you have had any serious or deep cut which seems will take forever to get cured or heal, then it may be due to your hormone level off or your HGH level low or even hormone deficiency. A lot of studies have depicted that increasing level of HGH production in brain and body results in hormonal balance and growth, better nutrition and improvement in the healing process as well as healing capacity. Though there are many hormones that play a vital part in energy production than HGH alone, any sort of deficiency can lead to loss of lean muscle and that can negatively impact the overall healing process. Also, reduction in hormonal function can signal the stress response in your body that can further impact wound healing and lead to other illnesses. A set of clinical studies was performed by Dr. L Cass Terry and Dr. Edmund Chein on effects of HGH. This series of studies was basically done on about 800 adults between the years 1994 and 1996. The participants who received a regular dosage of HGH showed an increase in blood level by about 61 percent. So, healing of the injuries and healing capacity increased by about 55% and 71% respectively, as was derived from the studies.

Reduced obesity

Abdominal/visceral obesity and insulin resistance are very common these days in people with HGH deficiency. Abdominal obesity is seen in people who show low HGH and insulin-like growth hormone serum concentrations. HGH treatment has shown great results in the adults by treating the problem of obesity naturally. 30 men in the age group of 48-66 with visceral/abdominal obesity were cured with recombinant HGH in 9 months, double-blind study that was also published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. Visceral and abdominal adipose tissue reduced with the diastolic blood pressure. Also, better insulin sensitivity was a favorable benefit of HGH.

HGH Benefits

HGH Benefits

Better cholesterol profile

Exercise is indeed responsible for boosting HGH level naturally and it even promotes better cardiovascular health, like lowering down blood pressure, improving cardiac output, improving cholesterol profile etc. A lot of clinical studies have also shown that after 6 months of exercising and clean eating, LDL level decreases and HDL level increases. Also, the same studies show that proper, regular HGH treatment helps to clear out the fat from the abdomen.


A lot of studies have been conducted worldwide on anti-aging effects of GH. Indeed as per the American Academy of Anti Aging, more than 20,000 studies performed all across the globe prove that enhancing and boosting HGH level in the body is useful for:

  • Reducing signs of aging
  • Reducing cellulite appearance
  • Improving overall appearance of the skin
  • Reducing wrinkles and fine lines
  • Stimulating hair growth
  • Improving skin elasticity
  • Improving skin thickness and texture

Enhanced mood and better cognitive function

Your wellbeing and psychological health is restored when HGH is administered in adults with GH deficiency. According to a Lithuanian study, changes in the cognitive function, concentration and mood were investigated after 6 months of HGH treatment. 18 patients having HGH deficiency actively participated in this study and HGH was administered in twelve IU each week. As per the study, mood and cognitive function increased after 6 months if we talk about mood scales. The study suggested that administrating HGH can be a treatment option to enhance cognitive activity and mood in those who face HGH deficiency.

Healthy and strong bones

The brain’s pituitary gland helps to stimulate the production of HGH and is vital for regulating bone development, that too during puberty. HGH stimulates the production of IGF-1 that is produced in the liver and released into the blood. When we age, the level of HGH reduces and may be the reason of older people not being able to replace or form bone fast. IGF-1-growth hormone combination stimulates the formation of bones as well as bone resorting cells, resulting in better bone mass.

Enhanced sexual performance and function

As HGH plays a vital role in the growth of active and strong cells, improving vitality and strength, HGH improves sexual drive in men and women both and offers various reproductive benefits as well like sexual frequency and potency, hot flashes, duration of erection, menstrual cycle regulation etc. HGH even helps to repair and regenerate cell tissue and cells and also the muscle mass growth. Through enhancing muscle growth, active and healthy cells, the individuals can improve their sexual drives and improve sexual performance and stamina.

Better sleep pattern

Majority of GH pulsatile secretion takes place after the moment you sleep and it continues to increase when you reach the first few hours of sleep. People who face the problem of sleep deprivation like the ones who work at night or study late can be negatively affected all through the day. Deprivation of sleep changes the hypothalamus and pituitary activities, changing the release time of the growth hormone.

In a study performed by University of Chicago’s Department of Medicine, as sleep was deprived for a day to 36 hours, HGH production was reduced considerably and decreased in the HGH peak value at night. Even the 24 hours pulse value of HGH became random and frequent throughout the waking hours. The study thus suggests that lack of sleep can decrease HGH the morning after, thus disturbing the overall sleep-wake cycle severely.

Faster fracture healing

A lot of hormones and growth factors are actually responsible for regulating the bone and mineral metabolism as well as fracture healing. Using HGH has been reported to speed the overall bone regeneration, making it a vital part of the bone healing process. Using growth factors such as IGF-1 are known to help in stimulating bone metabolism. In a study that was published in the BONE journal, HGH was applied systematically to the recombinant species-specific rats using subcutaneous injections and was also compared to placebo group. Due to this, the application of local GH showed stronger and higher effect on the fracture healing process than systematic HGH injection. Such observations thus suggest that local application of HGH speeds the fracture healing considerably and that too without providing any adverse effects.

Further, HGH plays a vital part in the repair of normal wear and tear as well as expedites healing. Many researchers and scientists have reported the effects of HGH to enhance the overall healing process of wounds and injuries. A controlled, randomized, double-blind study for 6 months of placebo or HGH in 28 men with low plasma IGF-1 was done at the Department of Medicine, University of California. And as a result of this, the men who were given HGH had improved collagen deposition during overall wound healing phase, thus helping in healing.

After taking HGH treatment, a lot of athletes started to abuse the same for enhancing their performance. A lot of HGH products also led to superhuman size and strength. Over-production of GH can even result in serious problems like heart stroke. So it is better to always use trusted and reliable HGH boosters we have detailed below.

 More reasons to use HGH

Why HGH Works as an Anti-Aging Therapy?

 In all, HGH supplements for sale can surely help in boosting as well as improving the HGH level in a natural way and help the individuals to bring back their youthful and lovely skin. By taking natural and safe HGH releasers, changing your lifestyle like having proper, balanced diet and daily exercise, people can definitely see improvement in the appearance of skin and changes in overall health and wellbeing.

How HGH Helps Athletes

 Along with various health benefits that we have mentioned above, HGH supplements have even proved to improve fitness performance, improving sleep pattern, athletic training, and quality of sleep.

HGH for Atheletes

HGH for Athletes

HGH for Bodybuilding

Increasing HGH level can also help people to boost muscle growth, muscle development, muscle mass and increase energy levels to enhance overall fitness results and performance.

HGH for Improving Sleep

Athletes may find themselves in strict, disciplined training sessions for boosting their athletic performance. Though intense training is great for your physique, it can also leave people with the feeling of fatigue. So if you feel fatigued, your body may be under a lot stress both mentally as well as physically. Through consistent and regular HGH treatment, athletes are likely to see the increase in mental acuity, focus, better mood, more consistent sleep pattern and all of this help to reduce stress as well as improve athletic performance and training.

HGH for Overall Fitness

HGH can even help to increase the athletic performance for the fitness trainers as well as beginners. Indeed making HGH a daily part of fitness and diet plan can make a big impact on a performance level, health stamina and resistance. Also, research has reported that through increasing the HGH level, adults can see a considerable boost in fitness performance, enhanced energy levels, and less body fat.

Here we will refer to clinical studies conducted by Chein and Terry. Data collected on the impact of HGH treatment on athletes proved:

  • 88% improvement in muscle growth
  • 84% improvement in energy
  • 72% loss of body fat
  • 81% improvement in muscle size
  • 83% improvement in flexibility
  • 81% improvement in exercise tolerance


How Long Does It Take To Experience Results with HGH supplements?

Each individual is different and unique in their way of living, genetic makeup as well as DNA. This simply means that all people respond in a different way to HGH level in the body and the results they face are also different. For instance, if an individual A starts taking HGH products to lose weight along with doing exercise and eating clean, it may take some months to lose weight and reach the goal as compared to individual B who wants to lose more or less weight than individual A. So, your exercise, diet, genetic makeup- they all impact when and how an individual achieves the desired weight loss results.
In other words, it may take few weeks to months to experience desired results. But taking HGH supplements, following diet and exercise and improving sleep pattern and physical activity- they all impact the overall time taken to lose weight, reverse the signs of aging and burn fat. HGH has proved to reduce the threat of severe illnesses and diseases and also help to improve the overall immune system and fight off common diseases. For all those who are interested in using injections to ward off aging, improve exercise performance or treat hormone deficiency, there are a lot of effective and safe alternatives available that provide users with HGH hormone therapy. The benefits of HGH treatment and supplements, irrespective of the administration be it pills or spray or both, are endless and highly amazing.HGH Results

While the HGH injection therapy may produce results fast, supplements may take some time to provide a longer lasting and considerable effect on your whole body chemistry. While a lot of users see benefits within first few weeks of using HGH supplements, it may take about 6 months or even more for other people to even start realizing the effects. While the results also vary as per the age of the user, general wellbeing, and precise formulation, typical HGH products offer the following results like:
1st month

During the very first month, you may feel a rise in energy level and positive outlook in life. You will even sleep better and will be able to participate effectively in daily activities.


2nd month

In the next month, regenerative effects of high HGH level start to show. Your hair, skin, nails will slowly improve with time. You will also see better and improved muscle tone. Even losing weight will be easier now and you will see a noticeable improvement in your overall sexual performance.


3rd to 5th month

In 3-5 months, now you will start seeing considerable improvement in same areas mentioned above. For all those trying to enhance body strength, increase in lean muscle mass will now be considerably noticeable. Even your libido level will return to where it actually was when you were in your teens and early twenties. There will also be the improvement in your ability to concentrate and memory.

6th month

By the end of 6th month, you will have made strides towards achieving the desired weight, your overall muscle tone will be improved and your energy level will be at its peak. Further, you will start seeing less obvious improvement in area of immune as well as cardiopulmonary systems.

3 Best HGH for Sale Options for You

HGH for Sale

HGH for Sale

 Have a look at the best HGH supplements mentioned below that we have reviewed in detail and have proved to be really effective in providing better health and wellbeing.

#1 GenF20 Plus

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Available in spray and pill form, GenF20 Plus is specially designed to provide healthier skin, hair, muscle growth and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and aging signs. After taking this HGH supplement for about 12 weeks, many users experienced an increase in IGF-1 levels by approximately 28%. GenF20 plus also contains all natural ingredients that further help in offering amazing health benefits. Here is the list of ingredients available in GenF20 that make it a powerful HGH supplement worth using:


This helps to increase the flow of blood to the body organs.

L Glutamine

This is a vital amino acid which increases the overall metabolism and improves energy.

L Arginine

This particular ingredient helps in enhancing the HG level, build up muscle, boost overall energy level and burn off fat.

L Lysine

This helps to boost the immunity to specific diseases and illnesses.

L Glycine

This is the ingredient which stimulates the body’s pituitary gland to produce natural HGH. The ingredient also helps to boost the prostate health that is very vital for maintaining healthy and better sex life.

 L Ornithine

This ingredient helps to reduce the fatigue and allows users to be energetic all through the day.

With amazing natural ingredients and delivery system of oral spray and pills, GenF20 Plus is surely the #1 HGH supplement on the market.

The benefits that GenF20 Plus offers are not restricted to fighting aging alone. The supplement can also help to improve your sexual, mental and physical health. The product is designed in a way that it speeds up your metabolism and helps the body to lose excess fat, promote stronger and healthier bones etc. With natural and powerful ingredients in its composition, the HGH supplement also helps to guard against problems like Alzheimer’s disease etc. The product can also improve your overall cognitive function and can help you to build stronger memory. Other benefits of increased HGH levels include better sleep patterns, improved sex life and high levels of energy and strength.

#2 Sytropin

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Sytropin oral spray is FDA approved and you can buy Sytropin directly from the manufacturer official site. The company offers 90 days money back guarantee which is totally risk-free. The spray is surely safer and effective than many supplements out there as the ingredients used in the composition of Sytropin are totally safe and natural. There are no harmful or adverse side effects from the supplement.
On top of that, Sytropin helps to provide benefits like increased lean muscle mass, better memory, vision, nails, hair, stronger bones, less fine lines and wrinkles and much more. Using Sytropin helps the users to reverse the signs of aging and helping users lose weight and body fat. This further results in a younger and better-looking you without facing any health hazards. The oral spray further helps in quick absorption system that lets all ingredients to get absorbed in the body without any fuss.

#3 HyperGH 14X

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It is a popular HGH supplement (pill + spray) that is useful mainly for the bodybuilders. The product is specifically designed to naturally stimulate the production of GH with the use of natural ingredients and a proprietary formula. HyperGH 14X includes L chemicals like L Arginine, L Valine, L Glutamine etc along with other ingredients like:

Deer Antler Velvet– This is the natural source of collagen and glucosamine, found in the cartilage tissue.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract– It helps to treat the problem of male infertility and sexual dysfunction.

Astragalus Root Extract– It helps to improve digestion and metabolism, enhance the immune system and helps in healing of injuries and wounds.

Colostrum– This is used to increase immunity, improve healing, increase muscle and bone mass and has anti-aging ingredients as well.

A lot of people face a drop in their cholesterol level, loss of cellulite and even re-growth of the lost hair. This product is a sophisticated HGH releaser that works great for the bodybuilders. Made of potent herbal and natural ingredients, the recommended dose for HyperGH 14X is twice a day for both spray as well as the pills. As it is a natural product, there are no ill effects of using the same even when you use it for a longer span of time. The supplement is manufactured in FDA compliant, cGMP Certified lab. For hard, lean muscles, less body fat, extra power in the gym and to supercharge your workout sessions, HyperGH 14X is surely a useful HGH supplement worth giving a try. The product is even designed in a way that it stimulates the body in producing HGH that give hard and lean muscles.

So, these are the top 3 HGH supplements for sale that you can buy from the respective official site of the manufacturer. Hope you had a good time knowing each and every thing about HGH and the best HGH releasers in the market.