Learn About Best HGH Bodybuilding Supplements for Women With Proven Results

For years, HGH or human growth hormone has been called as the “fountain of youth” and has been used by many bodybuilders to cut that ugly fat, enhance the steroid cycles and recover fast from injuries and workouts. So, it is perfectly okay why many people look at it as some type of a wonder drug.

BUT WHAT EXACTLY IS IT? More so, WHAT CAN IT DO FOR YOU? IS IT SAFE TO USE? Go on reading… and you will know everything about HGH bodybuilding, its results, HGH effects and the best HGH supplements for bodybuilding.

As a hormone that is very critical to wellbeing of the humans- both MALES and Females, HGH is needed in right amounts for optimal functioning of physiological processes and for the development of body tissues like the muscles. Generally this is easily achieved, leading to growth and development within the normal parameters.

HGH supplements bodybuilding can turn back the internal clock of your body, leading to rapid muscle building, increased libido, less fat, thus sending energy to an all time high.

So, basically, it is 2 things that HGH for bodybuilding supplements do to produce the effects you are looking forward to achieve. We will not waste much time discussing more about what is HGH, let’s get further and see what HGH does to your body.

Here are those 2 important things:

Trigger the pituitary gland and release more natural HGH

There is this natural HGH trapped in the body that is just waiting to be triggered and used. Your pituitary gland has all the power to unleash the trapped HGH in the bloodstream.

Increase the blood flow in the muscles

This further allows more of HGH to run free through the body and give you the effects that you always wanted.

Now after getting an idea about what is HGH and what it mainly does, let’s get into what happens before and after taking HGH for bodybuilding.

HGH before and after results for muscle gain

You cannot simply rely on diet or workout alone, you have to train hard as well as follow a diet to see the best results from your HGH bodybuilding cycle.

After 4 weeks, you can see 7 to 9 lbs of muscle gain.

After 8 weeks, there is 11-14 lbs muscle gain.

Always bear in mind that you are losing that fat as well so your body will definitely look better when you compare your before and after pictures. You will just gain muscle but will even reveal more muscles by getting rid of that accumulated fat. This way, you may actually look packed.

HGH before and after results for fat loss

 Listen carefully, if your main objective is to lose fat, you can try the HGH supplements that we mention below. But with this being said, you will surely see a great difference in your overall body, before and after using HGH. Also, HGH helps to protect the muscle mass and so you will not lose any gains.

Here is how much fat users lost:

After 4 weeks- 2 to 4 percent fat lost

After 8 weeks- 4 to 7 percent fat lost

Considering the fact that you will be also building up your muscle, this is indeed a lot.

The natural and safe HGH supplements can benefit the users- both men and women in great ways.

Here is what HGH can do for women:

  • It gives them strength and tone, resulting in less flabby muscles
  • Reduces the fat build up around the hips, thighs and stomach
  • The amino acids present in HGH supplements make the women look healthier and younger
  • It helps to regulate the sleeping patterns
  • And a lot more

So, the results for HGH for women are amazing.

HGH Results and Benefits

 Given all the negatives that happen to our body when it produces less of HGH, one thing is for sure that using the natural HGH supplements can get back your normal health. But this cannot be confused with like you will live for 100 years just because you are taking the HGH shots or supplements, however you will start feeling and looking youthful using the HGH products.

 HGH for bodybuilding helps to build the lean mass. We said “lean” which is fat free as a lot of studies have shown that growth hormone may have very less impact on muscle growth. But this does not mean that HGH has nothing to do with bodybuilding because that would be completely wrong. A lot of athletes and bodybuilders have shared their bodybuilding results after using HGH supplements and gaining the benefits during their workouts.

HGH and weight loss

Also, HGH is really useful when it comes to fat loss department as one study revealed that it is better than testosterone when it comes to melting way the body fat. The study showed that men who got HGH injections lost about 13 percent fat as compared to those who used testosterone and lost just 5.8 percent of fat. Another plus to HGH is that it helps to recover from injuries and workouts in a better and faster way. This is really helpful for the bodybuilders who may face injuries and it takes a lot of time for them to heal. Just imagine the amount of muscle you could gain when you worked each muscle group twice for every 10 days.

 What HGH can do for bodybuilders?

When we talk about HGH and bodybuilding, it has a lot of uses as it boosts the training level and muscle growth of the bodybuilder. Not only does HGH help to increase muscle growth, it even increases the endurance level and so one can easily train for a longer span of time. It even enhances the overall recovery time so that one can easily bounce back from a training routine in a faster manner.

Obviously taking HGH is a good option where most of the bodybuilders are concerned. But there are a lot of bodybuilding supplements in the market and it becomes difficult to choose the best option available. Here later in the post we will be giving you real time user reviews of customers who have used HGH for bodybuilding. These reviews will help you to make the right decision as to which HGH product to go with and why.

Moving ahead, the very first thing that you need to do to use HGH effectively in your bodybuilding journey is to know what it actually does and how it works.

As already mentioned above, HGH helps in muscle growth and recovery, in enhancing endurance but did you also know that HGH helps your body to actually break down the food in a better way so that it can easily be absorbed by your body in an effective way, providing you more energy.

Did you even know that HGH helps to break down the body fat more rapidly and gives faster metabolism which is almost adjunct to training? There is also the regeneration of the damaged tissues after your training sessions and HGH can help to cut the recovery time to less than 50% of what it is.

HGH further helps in protein absorption by the body that is the main thing of any successful bodybuilding program. As you cannot build a house without brick and mortar, same is the case with bodybuilding as you cannot build your body without getting sufficient protein. The body can absorb 40gms protein at one time but as you use HGH then this absorption level gets increased and so you can absorb more of protein per meal than ever before.

Also, a bodybuilder needs to have strong bones and joints and this is when HGH comes into action.

HGH for bodybuilding Before and After

Too much of discussion being done on what HGH can do for bodybuilding, let’s now check out the real time reviews of customers who have used best HGH supplements for bodybuilding. Let’s take a look:

HGH Belly Fat Before After Results

HGH Belly Fat Before After Results

User: Kimberly Dao

Problem: Sagging skin, Loose body skin

Supplement used: Sytropin

Official website: Sytropin.com

Duration: 3 months

“Hi I am Kim and I had loose body flab which made me look heavy on the abdomen. My aunt referred me to use Sytropin- a safe HGH supplement and I started taking the same as soon as I received the package from the official site. To my surprise, I would like to say that I lost about 5-6 lbs in just 3 months and have tight skin to flaunt now. The sagging skin which was my main problem is now an asset as it is firm and looks hot. I can sport my bikini in style without any hesitation. Give it a try and I would say that your life will change for sure.”

End of Feedback 1
Carmen Bodybuilding Results with Before and After Picture-HyperGH 14X

Body Cuts-Before and After

User: Carmen Stone

Problem: Overweight, flabby body

Supplement used: HyperGH 14X

Official website: HyperGH14X.com

Duration: 7 Months

“I was chubby and overweight in my 30s and soon realized that it was high time that I needed to lose some weight and have a toned body. At this time, I checked online for some bodybuilding supplements that can help me solve my issue. I came across HyperGH 14X which claimed to be a nice HGH product, promising good HGH results. I ordered the supplement and started taking it at once. After 7 months of using the product, you can see amazing change in my body. I have more energy to do workout in the gym and I have lost about 6.7lbs in this time period. I am still continuing my journey with this product and hope to achieve mores results.”

End of Feedback 2
HGH Bodybuilding Before and After=Craig

HGH Bodybuilding Before and After=Craig

User: Craig M. Glover

Problem: Less muscle strength

Supplement used: HyperGH 14X

Official website: HyperGH14X.com

Duration: 11 months and still using

“I would like to share my experience with HyperGH 14X as it actually changed the way I perceived my body. I used to work out in the gym for an hour 5 days a week and was not able to achieve the goal I wanted as I started feeling fatigued after 1 hour of strenuous training. After using HyperGH 14X, my stamina and energy has seen an altogether new rise. I can now gym for 2 hours at a stretch without getting tired. My ribs are rock hard, I have bulkier muscles and I can lift heavy weights without any problem. Thanks HyperGH 14X for the body I have today!”

End of Feedback 3
Donna Borck Body Transformation Journey with HGH

Donna Brock Body Transformation Journey with HGH

User: Donna Brock

Problem: too much weight, knee pain, low energy

Supplement used: GenF20 Plus

Official website: GenF20.com

Duration: 8.5 months


“Hey folks, I am Donna and I was 171 lbs which made me look fat and my husband started complaining about my loose love handles and sagging breasts. He consulted a doctor and ordered for me 3 months supply of GenF20 Plus. I was positive about using the product as the manufacturer claimed that it is a safe and natural product with no adverse effects. Also, my husband checked out many online reviews and upon confirmation of its effectiveness, made up his mind to order the supplement. Mathew was much motivating in my journey of losing fat and having a toned up body. I started taking the supplement and even joined aerobics and Pilates classes to add on some efforts. And yes, that was it! After 6 months of regular exercising and using GenF20 Plus, I lost about 16 lbs weight, 3 inches from the breast and 4.5 inches from the abdomen area. Now I can show off my little toned up abs (still have to achieve a lot more). Those love handles are nowhere to be seen now. No sagging, loose skin falling from here and there. I love my new self and have high level of confidence about my body.” 

End of Feedback 4
Larry Bodybuilding Results with GenF20 Plus

Larry Bodybuilding Results with GenF20 Plus

User: Larry

Problem: Less strength, supple muscles

Supplement used: HyperGH 14X

Official website: HyperGH14X.com

Duration: 8 weeks

“Hey, I have been taking HyperGH 14X for 8 weeks now with amazing results so far. I am also training hard in the gym to shred more fat. I am a baseball player with a strong body. This HGH supplement has helped me to have more strength, losing fat and much more. The product gives a real boost to your overall muscle building journey and lets you have muscle mass when you follow a heavy workout schedule. Thanks a ton HyperGH 14X for the great results.”

End of Feedback 5

So, these were a few users who shared their stories about HGH for bodybuilding supplements. We hope by now you must have understood why HGH is so useful in our lives and which HGH product to go with. As per the feedback from users, HyperGH 14X is known to be the most effective HGH supplement for Bodybuilders for both women & men. Share with us your real time experiences so that the potential customers can be sure of using HGH supplements available in the market.